Thursday, March 22, 2012


A kind of a sequel to Eat, Pray, Love. Well, that had been the only reason I picked up the book. Otherwise, the topic wouldn’t hold too much interest for me. And the topic was…marriage.
You would think it would be boring. But I would still say that Elizabeth Gilbert weaved her magic there. She put forward her years of research into a book, neatly divided into appropriate chapters, and explained so much. It was all quite interesting. The woman really worked hard and went back into history to point out a number of interesting things. And well, she managed to convince herself into entering the matrimonial bliss by the end of the book, but admitted that it was only a matter of finding one instance from history that would help her out. And thus one skeptic was convinced.
As with Eat, Pray, Love, the amazing thing about Committed is also the way in which Elizabeth lays bare her life for us all. She has made her personal journeys, both physical and emotional, easily accessible to the reader. And that is what makes her works so good to read.

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