Saturday, March 24, 2012

Community (Season 3-Episode 12)

This episode saw the return of Chang. He looks for reinforcements to his security team at the college. Abed gets into trouble due to his over-spending in hiring celebrity impersonators. The gang has to play a gig, impersonating real life celebrities. Jeff plays a handsome Seacrest, Shirley is Oprah, and Britta and Troy are the two versions of Michael Jackson.
Now during all this, Jeff has been put on anti-anxiety meds and he cuts a calm figure. Yet it is only Britta who realizes that taking the meds is a bad move. Owing to her psychology expertise (she’s taking the classes, remember!), Britta knows that Jeff’s anxiety keeps his vanity in check. Without it, his ego would take over and exactly that happens. Jeff creates quite a scene when that happens, ripping off his shirt and running off.
And Troy talks to Abed regarding the over-spending he had been doing. Now Abed is not one who likes to be told how he should act. And we saw just a little bit of annoyance between the two best friends.    

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