Monday, March 12, 2012

The Firm (Season 1-Episode 10)

The latest episode has come out and, as always, was exciting throughout. We had Mitch McDeere defending a woman accused in the kidnapping of a three-month old. And as the story unraveled, there were surprising developments. Not to mention, the case was all over the media and Mitch’s face on the TV screen. So much for staying low after coming out of witness protection.
Abby also took quite a gamble as she reported a set of parents for hitting their son. And just as she looked set to be sued, Claire convinced the kid to come out and admit to being hit so his parents can get help and counseling.
Also, the bigger stories moved forward too. Tammy and Ray, both made progress in the Sarah Holt case. And on the other side, Joey Morolto revealed that he has a plan in place for Mitch. The show is moving forward at full throttle. And we do not have just one storyline to look forward to till the next episode. There are so many threads unraveling.   

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