Monday, March 26, 2012

The Firm (Season 1-Episode 11)

The last episode had ended with the McDeere family home being attacked in the clips from the future. However, Mitch and Ray manage to take the family out safely. Two weeks into the past, a lot of things about Sarah Holt are revealed. Ray does a little digging and meets up with her former husband. Turns out that Sarah was a medic in the army who had served in Afghanistan.
The former husband reveals that she was brilliant at her job but somehow changed during duty. She started to regret saving quite a few lives, and got affected by the warfare. The former husband gives a photograph that includes Sarah, along with her unit in Afghanistan. Mitch spots Kevin Stack’s face in there. The vice-president of Noble Insurance was the commanding officer of Sarah in Afghanistan.
Also, Mitch meets with a death row inmate, who is scheduled to be executed in three days. Turns out he has quite a peculiar wish. He was convicted for killing a man. The deceased left behind a wife and daughter. Now the daughter is dying due to a bad heart and the convicted wants to donate his own heart to help save her. There follows quite intriguing proceedings. And quite a thrilling end to the whole saga.
And there was a surprise for one of the characters. Tammy inherits a house from her deceased aunt. Ray wasn’t too happy with the idea of moving into a house, but gives in at the end. So, he and Tammy have moved into a new house. Quite a lot went on in that episode!  

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