Saturday, March 3, 2012

How I Met Your Mother (Season 7-Episode 18)

Now, anyone who has been following the season knows that Ted has once again professed his love for Robin. And when it became apparent that Robin does not reciprocate his feelings, Marshall asked her to move out of Ted’s apartment. All this has resulted into Robin being homeless and she moves in with Lily and Marshall for a few days. What ensues is a nightmarish time in Long Island for Robin as her hosts practically hold her hostage.
Meanwhile, Ted turns the now-empty bedroom in his apartment into a hobby room and takes up one ridiculous hobby after another. And who can forget Barney. He has his heart broken when he falls for a stripper. And he does so seriously.
The episode ends nicely enough though. Barney and Quinn (the stripper) get together again. Robin and Ted meet up as well and agree to move on, both admitting to let go of things that have no chance of working out in the future. And the biggest surprise came at the end. Ted has moved out of his apartment, leaving it for Marshall and Lily. Their new life begins in their old home. And Ted goes out, looking for change.
One step closer to finding his kids’ mother! :D

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