Sunday, March 11, 2012

Midnight in Paris

The movie opens to different scenes of Paris, and it is quite evident that we are about to witness a love affair with the city itself. Owen Wilson’s character leads us around the historic city, taking in the surroundings. He plays a successful Hollywood writer who is going through some life-changing moments as he looks to abandon his career for writing a novel. And he would love to settle down in Paris, of course.
Anyway, the movie moves along nicely. We are taken into the 1920s, when Paris was home to numerous beloved writers and artists. Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Picasso to name only a few. It really was intriguing to see all of those characters come to life.
The 1920s had been considered the Golden years of the city by the writer. But he meets another character who happens to think the 1890s were the sparkling years. And that is where the writer learns an important lesson. And so do we.
Another question comes to mind then. Where do you believe you would find contentment? Some decades into the past, or maybe a few in the future? Not many of us feel like we belong in the present, do we?
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