Saturday, March 24, 2012

Touch ‘1+1=3’ (Season 1-Episode 2)

The pilot had ended with Martin beginning to communicate with his son. This episode showed the father-son partnership growing stronger. At the start, Jake is taken back to the boarding care facility, only for him to run away again. He had provided a contact number for Martin to call and find. And Martin ended up in a pawn shop, owned by Arnie (you remember Mike Novich from 24?). It was good to see him and Kiefer together after 24.
Well, Martin saves Arnie’s life during a robbery. Then Martin and Jake follow the trail. Elsewhere, we have a stewardess running after a dog she has to transport to its destination. There is also an Indian guy, hoping to spread his father’s ashes in the baseball stadium. And we have a Russian criminal in the frame. Also his son. There were so many people, and all were connected. You really need to see the episode to find out how.
The end brought all the pieces together. Martin and Jake find Arnie about to commit suicide and save him just in time. Then the dog, Lyov, ends up running to the same scene with the stewardess following him. Turns out she is Arnie’s estranged daughter. What an ending! This father-daughter connection made possible by so many random individuals.

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