Friday, April 13, 2012

Community (Season 3-Episode 15)

After the flying blankets and pillows in the epic fight, Troy and Abed are back to being best friends. And they left nothing to imagination in the very first scene, in what could be best called a 'best friend handshake'.
There is a carnival coming to Greendale and Britta reveals that she has a former boyfriend who works with one carnival. The group has a few laughs at Britta’s expense when they find out the name of this guy- Blade!
Now Britta is still attracted to Blade and she turns to Annie for help. Annie has to make sure that Britta doesn’t come into any contact with her ex. Britta’s phone is confiscated and hidden. In a refrigerator, no less.
Jeff is curious as to what could be so special about Blade that Britta cannot let him go. He takes Shirley with him to the carnival to check out for himself. And after a lot of duck-shooting and inquiring, Jeff finally finds out what he needed.
Meanwhile, Pierce is looking to find a best friend and he crosses paths with Chang. Both spend some good time together, but the friendship ends prematurely.
After meeting with Blade, Jeff goes to find Britta and sets her straight about the whole affair. It all ends well enough for everyone. Except Pierce, maybe.
Oh, and the ‘air conditioning repair school’ guy was back. This time, he had the Dean try and talk Troy into joining the repair school. Of course the suggestion was dismissed.

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