Friday, April 20, 2012

Community (Season 3-Episode 16)

The episode starts with the group cramming for the final biology exam. Enter Dean Pelton, who is dressed half as himself and half as a woman. He announces that the exam has been put off until the next day, so the group decides to take a three-hour lunch break. Annie thinks she can see sparks flying between Britta and Troy, so she plays matchmaker and sends them both on a lunch-date. In place of Troy, she agrees to spend the time with Abed in his dreamatorium.
 The rest of the episode saw simulation after simulation in the dreamatorium, as both Abed and Annie dissect all the other group members. A few details are revealed about each character. Annie realizes what it really feels like to be Abed, and ends up connecting with him in a big way. Her longing for Jeff is also touched upon, as she fights with herself, trying to determine how she really feels about him.
Shirley and Pierce don’t feature for much of the episode. Jeff shows up in one of the simulations. So does Chang, for a little while. After the lunch break is over, the group returns to the study room for cramming. And they all agree that in three short hours, a lot has happened. Troy and Britta’s lunch went quite well, and Annie and Abed had a pretty good time too. Not to forget, Abed learned about empathy. He learnt one more way to deal with the ‘innocent unremarkables’. He learnt a new technique. And Annie turned out to be one good teacher.

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