Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Firm (Season 1-Episode 12)

The major part of the episode dealt with the Sarah Holt case and associated conspiracy. Although there was a separate case, as there is every time. This one was short-lived, with Mitch being replaced as the lawyer after declaration of a mistrial.
Coming back to the main case, Abby met up with Moxon’s widow again. Quite accidently, they both discovered that Moxon owned a safe deposit box which his wife had no clue about. Both women realize that this could be the big lead needed and set out to find the contents of the safe deposit box. It includes three keys to three other boxes. The boxes turn out to be filled with files and half a million dollars. These files are of clients of Nobel Insurance and are all marked ‘Deceased’. All of them are patients who died suddenly, much sooner than anticipated by their respective doctors.
Ray finds out that the tattoo is used by the US Army Medical Corps. The tattoo that had been seen on the guy chasing Mitch.
After looking at all the evidence from Moxon’s safe deposit box, Mitch decides to hand over all the evidence to the US attorney’s office. But first, he meets up with Sarah Holt to inform her of the situation as Mitch still has the job of defending her. Sarah tells Mitch to break a deal for her in exchange for some serious information. She reveals that she is only a pawn in a much bigger game.
Accidentally, Mitch discovers the bug Stack had placed on his briefcase. He suddenly realizes that Sarah might be in danger if Stack had listened in on their conversation. He arrives too late in the prison, as Sarah’s lifeless body is discovered.
Tammy notices that the files from the safe deposit box are not all marked ‘Deceased’. There are some with future dates written on them. The family also realizes that not all murders could have been done by Sarah. This reveals that there are other murderers on the loose.
Stack and Alex come to the conclusion that after Sarah, Mitch also must be taken care of. Andrew overhears them and quickly calls Mitch to alert him. Mitch manages to get the family away safely, with Abby and Claire finding safety with their witness protection officer. While Mitch, Ray and Tammy head off to meet Andrew. Now, Andrew might be able to help the McDeeres against Alex and Stack.

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