Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Firm (Season 1-Episode 13)

This episode promised a lot and it certainly delivered. Mitch, Tammy and Ray meet up with Andrew and make him tell them everything about what had been going on. He says he didn’t know things would go so far as murder and now he is willing to help the McDeeres take down Kinross & Clark.
Abby and Claire are somewhere safe with Louis and the feds. Abby tries to convince Louis to help the next patient who is going to be killed by Stack. Louis does not get the backup he asks for and arrives alone at the patient’s house. There is a male nurse there who takes a shot at Louis when he realizes that he is a fed who might know what is going on. Louis is taken to the hospital in a critical condition.
Mitch tries to talk with the US Attorney’s office and get them to arrest Stack. However, he is told that he needs to provide the evidence before any such thing could happen.
The McDeeres know that there is an unmarked room at Kinross & Clark that contains documents they need as evidence. Tammy and Ray dress up as client and attorney to enter the building and snap pictures of the lock at the unmarked room.
Later, Dmitri reveals that it is a top security lock, where the code is changed every six minutes. Mitch meets up with Alex to tell her that she either helps them or goes down with Stack. Alex storms off, saying that Mitch is playing games as he would not be needing her for anything if he possessed the evidence required to bring down Stack.
Then, the second plan is put into action where the responsibility of getting the code falls on Andrew. The group find out that Stack has severe peanut allergies. Andrew calls him into his office and exposes him to peanut oil. Stack’s epinephral injector is lifted by Tammy before he enters the office, so Stack becomes unconscious. Mitch and Tammy enter the room after Andrew reads them the code off Stack’s fob. Inside, they find out that the desktop system has no USB port, meaning they cannot copy anything off the hard drive. Dmitri helps them pull out the correct hard drive from the system, and they both barely get out of the room.
Andrew is apprehended by Stack’s men as he is leaving the building. Stack then calls Mitch and tells him he will be taking the thing most precious to him. He then sends a live feed to Mitch’s phone that shows Stack’s men grabbing Abby and Claire. Looks like Mitch is going to have to lose the hard drive now that his family has been picked up by Stack.

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