Monday, April 30, 2012

The Firm (Season 1-Episode 15)

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Episode 15 starts with the meeting between Mitch and Stack. Mitch demands to see Abby first before handing over the hard drive. Stack refuses and tells him that Abby is inside a car parked across the street from them. Mitch tries to get a glimpse of his wife through camera lens and sees a hand against the window of the back seat. Immediately he turns around and walks away from Stack, telling Ray that Abby is not in the car.
Mitch is distraught as he starts believing that Stack has already killed Abby. Ray tries to convince him otherwise, and together they rush off to the US Attorney’s office.
We see Louis already sitting in front of Diane and Terrence. As he is being reprimanded for letting Mitch and Ray go, news comes that they are back, along with Dmitri. Mitch asks Diane to use all resources to locate Abby, and Dmitri is asked to assist the techs in decrypting the hard drive.
Louis gets a call telling him that a woman named Abby has been found. She is shifted to a hospital.
The feds arrest Alex and arrive in Stack’s office to find him gone. He is on his way out of the country but told to meet Alan at the Hilton. Turns out that Alan was playing him, as Terrence enters the suite and arrests Stack.
Meanwhile Alex is freed because of lack of any solid evidence against her. She meets with Stack and he threatens her to get him out. Stack reveals to Alex that he has a record of all the conversations between the two. This causes Alex to turn all her attention on getting Kevin Stack out of custody.
Louis finds the place Abby was being held and discovers the torture she was put through. He asks her to tell Mitch, as she would need the support of her loved ones to get to the other side. Abby tells him she’ll do it once she’s ready. But she also tells Tammy later that she is a different person now. And she believes that Mitch is to be blamed for putting them all through this ordeal.
Alex files a motion on behalf of Stack to suppress the hard drive as evidence, on the grounds of it being stolen. And strangely so, the decision comes out in her favor as the judge rules that Mitch was not acting as only a private citizen when obtaining the drive. Their plan to obtain the drive was considered too dangerous, with Mitch being seen as an agent of law enforcement. The hard drive is excluded as evidence and judge rules Stack free to go.
Just as he’s leaving, Louis convinces Abby to become a witness against Stack and reveal that she was tortured. Abby tells him she saw Stack give the order to kill Andrew. Stack is charged and arrested. Mitch is dumbfounded as he discovers that Abby was a witness to Andrew’s murder.

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