Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8-Episode 20)

Episode 20 showed the residents giving interviews in different hospitals all over the country. While Meredith and Christina seem to be having a pretty good time getting calls for interviews, Alex isn’t having the same luck. April is also suffering, with interviewees not being too impressed with her personality. And Avery can’t seem to get out of the shadow of his grandfather’s legacy.

Meanwhile, a female patient arrives at the hospital, perceived to be a fallen hiker. Later, the doctors find out that she is a kidnapped girl, who has been locked up for twelve years. The traumatized patient bonds with Meredith, and she helps her to recover emotionally. This forces Meredith to postpone her interview at Brigham. She is having double thoughts anyway, since getting that job would mean moving to Boston. She is of the view that she should stay in Seattle, with Derek having a good job here and their dream home almost done. But Derek assures her that there would be a new home and job wherever they move, and she should not cancel her interview at the hospital with the best general surgery program in the country. In the end, Meredith says in the interview that she is serious about moving and Brigham is at the top of her list.
Christina keeps getting gift baskets from hospitals looking to acquire her services. After all, she is a brilliant cardio surgeon and any program would love to have her. Owen accidently finds out that Christina is thinking about moving away from Seattle. Where this leaves their marriage, is hard to say at this point in time. Teddy tries to talk to Owen about convincing his wife to stay right where she is, but Owen slaps away the request.
Alex looks like he will be staying put, as Arizona does not seem ready to let go of him.
Outside the hospital, Richard is suffering from heartbreak, as Adele falls deeper into the disease. She thinks she is in love with a fellow patient named Alan. She hardly remembers who Richard is now.
Bailey was having a pretty emotional time because of the kidnapped girl in the hospital. And her worst fears are realized when she arrives at the daycare to pick up Tuck and finds him missing. She is near hysterical, and both Derek and Mark try to look for her son and calm her down. Just a couple of minutes later, a nurse walks in with Tuck, saying she took him to clean up a nosebleed. If only for a few minutes, Bailey lost total control of herself.
It is an emotional time at the hospital. There is a hint of nostalgic air, as the original cast members are all looking down a new path. Who will stay? Who will leave? Only time will tell.

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