Thursday, April 5, 2012

Touch (Season 1-Episode 3)

3287. This is the number at the center of this latest episode. There is an ‘invisible prince’, a ‘king’, a ‘dragon’, one ‘magic sword’ and an ‘invisible knight’ by the end. No, it wasn’t a fantastical tale. Just names relating the reality with a story.
Martin Bohm meets a homeless man, who happens to have a notebook full of numbers. Just like Jake does. Martin is then taken along by this man, connecting people, making things right.
We also witness some changing scenarios in a part of South Africa. Grace and some other young men and women are giving computer tests, the success of which will enable them to move to the city for a better life. Grace frees her friend from her abusive partner. Also, some young boys put SA on the map when one little guy beats out the defending champion in an online dance competition.
Jake’s case worker finally admits that she will be more understanding of the situation. Much to Martin’s relief.
Well, the numbers that Jake point out to his father all point to some disorder in the universe. And Martin has to set things right. Until then, Jake keeps feeling the pain due to the disorder. So, Martin really has no choice but to keep chasing after these numbers. Doing so will harm his chances of retaining Jake’s custody. How things turn out on that front, we’ll only find out in later episodes.  

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