Monday, April 9, 2012

Touch (Season 1-Episode 4)

Sunday is a family day at the boarding facility and Jake gets to go out with his dad. Martin brought a red kite for Jake. He had plans to go to his wife’s grave but was having second thoughts. The case worker, Clea, convinces him that Jake deserves to know that his dad is missing his mom. So, they head off to the cemetery.
Martin finds a stranger at his wife’s grave. Just as he is about to question the man, Jake runs off after his kite and Martin has no choice but to follow him.
Jake leads Martin a good way and ends up at a door. Turns out, it’s the man’s apartment who was in the cemetery. Martin finds out that he was a friend of Sarah in her last summer. She tutored him in math and helped him pass his GED and get a promotion. Now, Bobby had been feeling guilty all these years because he felt that he had to repay Sarah’s debt. He ends up saving Jake’s life, thus relieving himself of his guilt.
The lottery winner, Randall, is another guilty one. He has to live with the knowledge that he may have left behind Sarah Bohm alive, only because he couldn’t carry her any further. He ends up landing at a church, seeking answers. As fate would have it, the Father leaves the church to him and heads off to live his own life.
In Iraq, we see Abdul once again. He is trying to give an audition in front of the American soldiers there. The friendly one of the troops has her own problems as she and another are ambushed and run for their lives. They get saved in the end, and she turns out to be the girl that the Father leaves his church for.
Earlier, Bobby had told Martin that Sarah had not been wearing her wedding ring. Martin is crushed to say the least. He had already been told officially that he would not be receiving any remains of his dead wife. When he comes back home in the evening, he finds Sarah’s datebook and sees that she had an appointment on September, 5th with a jewelry store. He goes there to find out that she had given her wedding ring for engraving. The store had kept it all these years. Martin looks to see that the ring is engraved with “1+1=3”. Sarah had told Martin this when their son had been born, because they had become a family. Martin takes the ring home, finally holding onto a piece of his wife.

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