Sunday, April 15, 2012

Touch (Season 1-Episode 5)

touch season 1 episode 5 entanglement
This is a very important day for both Martin and Jake. Jake is about to be evaluated, and then the decision will be made on who gets custody of him. Clea instructs Martin to be at the evaluation at five in the evening to have any chance of keeping custody of his son.
Just before leaving in the morning, Jake leaves yet another sign for his father. And this time it is not a number. It is a symbol, a pattern.
Martin goes to find help about it from Teller, who is very excited after seeing the pattern. He believes that Jake is progressing. Teller also reveals that the circles that Jake had made for his father point to a number. And the number he is trying to convey is 22.
Elsewhere in Saudi Arabia, we witness a teenaged girl named Norah rebelling. Her father has arranged her marriage with a stranger and she sets off with a car, dressed as a boy. She also takes her friend along. Now they both are breaking the country’s laws. And they end up picking up a woman from the side of the road who happens to be almost in labor. Norah has no choice but to call for help when the woman’s contractions start getting closer. Her father arrives and Norah ends up doing what is necessary to deliver the baby, right there in the car. This act makes her father realize that she has the potential to go far in life and he arranges for her to get a college education abroad.
In Canada, a young med student named Sami is finding it hard to approach a girl he sees everyday on the train. As fate would have it, he was the guy that Norah was supposed to marry. Anyway, on that particular day, Sami vows to talk with the girl as he leaves for home the next day. A timely finding of a matching donor for his patient ensures that he gets to meet the girl and reveal how he feels about her. And with the matching donor, we come back to Martin.
Martin is robbed of his laptop and he ends up on a bus, running after the thief. He sits next to a girl who shoves a gun in his gut. She won’t let him get off or answer his phone. Thus, Martin becomes late for Jake’s evaluation.
Now, the girl is looking for revenge after her family was killed in El Salvador during a war. The man who killed her parents and brother is on the bus and she plans to kill him. Martin somehow manages to save the man after a series of events. The man reveals to Martin that the brother is alive and was adopted somewhere in Canada.
Martin tells all this to Marisol, the girl on the bus. She is in a hospital after getting hit by a car. And the patient who is looking for a donor is her little brother. Martin figures this out when he accidently sees the call for matching donor at the nurse’s station. There are the same circles that Jake drew for him on the computer screen. He checks to find that the patient is a boy named Gabriel, originally from El Salvador. He runs to Marisol and asks her to take a leap of faith. This ends up uniting a sister with her lost brother.
Jake misses the evaluation and Clea is not sure he will get Jake’s custody. There is a parcel for Jake from her aunt, Abigail. Martin opens it to find a number of things. One of them is a tape that says “Love Mom”. He puts it in the player to hear Sarah’s voice. She had recorded it for her son for him to hear when she wasn’t at home in the nights. And as the tape plays, Martin and Jake look at each other. And that is the most important connection, right then and there.

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