Friday, May 4, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8-Episode 22)

Episode 22 featured the boards in detail. And we saw all the doctors struggling one way or the other. Meredith is really sick, Jackson is distracted by his mother, April is a nervous wreck, Alex is running late and even Christina isn’t having it all easy.
Back at home, Arizona has her brother’s best friend arrive at the hospital, diagnosed with cancer six months ago. Turns out, it’s been six years and Callie and Bailey find out in the surgery that the mets are everywhere and there is nothing they can do. Arizona is distraught.
Also back at the hospital are visiting doctors. As chief, Owen asks Bailey to woo them so that the hospital might get some new faces before it loses any of the old ones. As it turns out, the visiting doctors are all picky and demanding, and just plain irritating. Doesn’t look like any of them might be staying.
Derek is stuck being asked for advice by both Mark and Lexie. Mark has just been told by Julia that she wants to have a baby with him. And Lexie is still struggling with her feelings for Mark. Derek turns out to be one good big brother for Lexie, as she reveals to Mark how she really feels about him.
Back to San Francisco now, where there were three sessions in total, with the doctors needing to clear two in order to pass. Alex didn’t arrive in time for the first session so he has to clear the other two or fail. Meredith calls Derek in desperation, asking him if he’ll still love her if she fails. Derek calms her down and helps her get herself together and rock the rest of the exam.
The episode ends with the doctors back at the hospital, waiting for their results. Jackson finds out first that he has passed, then does Christina. Meredith also gets through. Alex makes it as well. Its April who has failed.

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