Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How I Met Your Mother (Season 7-Episode 22)

Episode 22 started with Lily and Marshall throwing a baby shower. It included all their friends, but two very important people were missing. Ted and Robin. You see, Ted decided to be three hours late so he could avoid facing Robin. And Robin showed up before the shower even started to ensure she wouldn’t meet Ted. And Lily and Marshall ended up getting identical baby strollers from both, one blue and the other one red.
Barney convinces Ted to try online dating, to cleanse his palette. Barney’s sure that would help Ted get over Robin. Unfortunately, every girl Ted meets only ends up reminding him more of Robin.

The first one is named Robyn, and she’s even from Canada. The second one is all covered in tattoos, and not one bit like Robin. Yet, she only has to mention lasagna and Ted gets Robin back into his head, remembering the one time she made lasagna for him. The third one, he manages to get Robin out of his thoughts even when she did appear. And just when he thinks that he’s finally over Robin, he sees her again in the bartender. This time he realizes that he needs Robin in his life and their friendship is worth holding on to. He misses her and sets out to talk to her about everything.   
The condolence high five was created by Barney, who else! And it was used quite regularly. Letting an employee go, helping Ted with his online dates, the condolence high five was seen in abundance.
Barney and Quinn seem to be having trouble as Quinn realizes that Barney does not want her to continue her job at the strip club. She says she needs some time to think things through. Could this be the end for Barney and Quinn?
Now the expecting couple. Marshall is driving Lily crazy by being paranoid about the whole parenthood thing. He’s reading books, acting like the baby is already here. At night, he sets an alarm every three hours and gets up to soothe a practice baby, which is a watermelon of all things. Anyway, they end up getting into an argument finally. At this point, Lily makes a plan and sends Marshall off with Barney to Atlantic City to unwind a little. While there, Barney convinces Marshall to switch off their phones for an hour and get drunk. As it turns out, Lily has gone into labor during that one hour. And she has Robin and Ted with her. The episode ends with Barney listening to Lily’s voice messages with a stunned look on his face. Now he has to get a drunk Marshall back home in time to be with Lily.

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