Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How I Met Your Mother (Season 7 Finale)

We were promised that Barney’s bride will be revealed in the season 7 finale. And she was. But we’ll wait for it a while as the rest of the story unfolds.

How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-Lily in labor
The finale picks up with Lily in labor and Marshall stuck in Atlantic City with Barney. While a very drunk and disorientated Marshall tries to leave Atlantic City with Barney, Lily has Ted and Robin for company. Robin has experience working with horses in labor and she is all equipped for the job, with sugar cubes and a cleaning brush at hand. Ted has composed an e-mail announcing Lily’s in labor and send it to hordes of people.

As the pain intensifies, Lily gets Ted and Robin to tell stories including the five. This allows us to relive quite a few moments.

Marshall and Barney finally get out of Atlantic City on a bus. And it takes a bus-full of senior citizens to convince the driver to turn the bus towards Manhattan instead of Buffalo. Marshall arrives just in time for the birth of baby Marvin.
How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-Marshall becomes a dad
How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-The gang and baby Marvin
Now, Marvin is named after Marshall’s dad. However, it is the middle name that is interesting as Uncle Barney got to name that. And the full name of Baby Lily/Marshall is…’Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksson’! Is that cool or what?!

With the birth out of the way, attention turns to Ted and Barney. Barney is wondering whether the Quinn thing is over but he arrives home to find her still there. Relieved, he doesn’t even mind the redecoration that Quinn has done with him out of town.

Robin gives Ted an earful about how he dates the wrong women when what he really wants is a family and marriage. She advises him to contact Victoria again as she was the only one right for Ted in all the women he dated in the recent past. Ted takes her advice and is surprised when Victoria agrees to meet him.
Meanwhile, Barney and Quinn are at the airport looking to board a flight to Hawaii. A magic trick box is discovered in Barney’s luggage and there is quite a commotion because of it. A few funny magic-moments later, the trick box produces a ring and Barney proposes to Quinn. She says yes and they go off to tell the news to the rest of the gang.
How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-Barney proposes to Quinn
Victoria arrives in a wedding dress and tells Ted that she is set to get married in a few hours. However, she has a car waiting outside if Ted shares her feelings and wants to drive off into the sunset together. They leave but Ted realizes midway how it felt to be left at the altar. So he decides to take Victoria to the church. At the last moment though, Ted drives past the church and he really does drive off into the sunset with Victoria. So, is she the mother we’ve all been waiting for, for seven seasons?
How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-Ted and Victoria together
The end of the finale shows us a glimpse into the future, of Barney’s wedding. Ted and Marshall reminisce about the twists that culminated to make this wedding possible. The bride asks to see Ted and as he opens the door, her identity is finally revealed. And the bride is…Robin. No surprises there, we were all sort of expecting it. These two were always meant to be together.    

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