Saturday, May 5, 2012

Touch (Season 1-Episode 8)

The kids at Jake’s boarding facility are all going to visit a museum with their parents. Jake’s evaluation is coming up and this is a crucial time for Martin if he wants to retain custody of his son.
All throughout the day, Jake keeps playing with a red string, making triangular shapes with it. Martin gets the first sign of the day when a cell phone rings in his pocket that Jake had slipped inside. The phone belongs to a woman named Simran and Martin asks her to come to the museum exhibit where he is.
At the exhibit, there is a screen showing a live feed from Paris. Jake takes particular interest in a girl on the screen, Veronique. As Simran approaches Martin to take back her phone, Veronique is visibly agitated. She talks to Clea on phone and tells her that Simran looks like her mother who supposedly died during child-birth.
Martin tries to track down Simran and arrives at a hotel when he remembers the extension from which she had called him. At the hotel, Martin is amazed to see a girl identical to Veronique. He realizes then that Simran must have had twin girls and tries to convince Nandu that she has a twin sister in Paris. With all his efforts, Martin manages to unite two sisters.
There is a taxi driver in the midst as well, who has a doctor as his last passenger of the day. The doctor is behaving suspiciously and the cab driver is trying to figure out where he has last seen the doctor. He remembers at last but it’s a little too late as the doctor gets off the cab. The driver is the father of the twin sisters, Veronique and Nandu. He and his wife had been tricked by the doctor into giving up one baby for adoption. And the doctor is still carrying on with the same evil plans. Martin manages to apprehend him after meeting up with the girls’ father and a lot of parents are saved from suffering the same fate as this Indian family.
We also had clips from the International Space Station, where an astronaut loses communication with the ISS when he goes out to check for maintenance. It is finally a man in a taxi garage who manages to communicate with him and save his life. And the radio that this man uses has a part that he dropped in the bus earlier in the day, but Martin had spotted it and given it back.
At the boarding facility, Clea is finding out that Abigail’s company keeps turning up everywhere and she is getting suspicious. She also tries to discuss this with Sherry but is taken off Jake’s case. Now, this may harm Martin’s chances of being with his son. We’ll have to wait and see.  

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