Friday, July 20, 2012


I have to say, I enjoyed this one. Then again, maybe I was watching a Bollywood flick after too long and overlooked the negative aspects. Anyway, the movie’s gotten quite a few good reviews from people I know.
So what’s it about? There’s a guy and two girls. Let’s see, perfect recipe for a love triangle and all the typical drama that unfolds afterwards. But it still seemed different. Throw in a pinch of friendship and see how that changes things.
Veronica is your typical rich girl who is living the high life. No idea where her parents are, but she gets a fat check to fulfill all her needs. And so she takes Meera in to help her. Meera arrives from India only to find out that her husband doesn’t want anything to do with her. And there is Gautam who is a happy-go-lucky guy. Rarely serious, he starts seeing Veronica and moves in with her too. And so the three embark on a beautiful friendship. There is fun and frolic all the time.
Boman Irani plays an apt ‘maama jee’ and is quite funny. And it is the entry of Dimple Kapadia as Gautam’s very-Indian mom that puts the dents in the threesome’s lives.
Gautam and Meera fall for each other and Veronica gets left out. This may sound typical enough but “Cocktail” managed to weave a new magic into the same old story. And the music never let down. The soundtrack is actually pretty good.
So there it is then. Highly recommended for a good time. “Cocktail” will give you just the right mix of funny quips and good music, adding a big splash of good old friendship to all the other ingredients.

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