Thursday, October 25, 2012

Touch Season 2 Premiere

The premiere date for Season 2 of 'Touch' was pushed back and it has been announced now. 'Touch' returns for a second season on February 1st. Its a long way off! Waiting for Friday, February 1st now.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Supernatural: Season 8 Episode 1

And Dean is back from Purgatory! The Season 8 Premiere takes us one year on from where we saw Dean disappear with Dick at the end of Season 7. Understandably so, he is in a pretty wild state.

Meanwhile, we see Sam saying goodbye to his dog and leaving behind a sleeping girl as he takes the Impala in the night. The two brothers meet and it is sort of a routine matter between the two. However, things heat up when Sam reveals to Dean that he quit hunting after Dean disappeared. What is even more startling for Dean is that Sam never tried looking for his brother. Dean is a little pissed off, to say the least.
Dean switches on the mobile phones that Sam had stashed away. He listens to multiple voice messages by Kevin, the kid Prophet. The brothers decide to track him down as he was their responsibility. The search takes them to Michigan, where Kevin’s girlfriend is attending college.
We see flashbacks of how the year had been for both brothers. Dean apparently got out of Purgatory with the help of a vampire. And he brought the vampire back into the world as part of the deal. Cass didn’t make it out of Purgatory. When Sam asks Dean if he saw Cass die, Dean replies that he saw enough. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Cass return some time later on in the season.
Sam hit a dog and brought him to a veterinarian hospital. The dog sustains injuries and the doctor shames Sam into taking the dog with him. So we took a sneak peek into how Dean and Sam spent the past year and how things came to be how they are.
Coming back to the present, the brothers manage to locate Kevin. Kevin reveals how Crowley wanted to use him to read another one of God’s words. The tablet contained writings related to demons. Kevin managed to fool Crowley at the time and escaped. He tells Dean and Sam that the tablet shows how to close off the doors of Hell forever. Needless to say, the brothers decide on the spot to take Kevin to the tablet. However, there are some unexpected guests. Demons.
Crowley tries to take away Kevin but fails. Now, Dean, Sam and Kevin are on their way to finding the tablet. Dean gets a phone call from the vampire-aide at the end of the episode. Looks like he’ll be causing a few problems down the road.       

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How I Met Your Mother: Season 8 Episode 1

Season 8 finally took off and it looks like the much-awaited identity of Ted’s bride will finally be revealed. The season premiere ended with the lady approaching the place she finally encounters Ted (it certainly looks like the place J). However, a huge yellow umbrella hides her from plain view. Let’s see when she makes an appearance again.
First things first though. The season finale from the seventh season had confirmed that Barney and Robin do end up having a wedding. We get just a glimpse of the pre-wedding jitters and then we are taken into the past again. Back to where Barney and Quinn have just gotten engaged and Lily and Marshall are proud parents.
Baby Marvin has arrived and the new parents are quite a sight. Sleep-deprived, they let slip in front of Quinn the one thing Barney had been keeping from her. Quinn is a little perturbed when she finds out that Barney and Robin had dated but relaxes when Robin tells the gang about this new boyfriend she has.

The touching moment comes when Robin opens the storage box that Barney has kept hidden somewhere. In it are all the mementos from the time the two had dated and it is very clear that Robin still has feelings for Barney and misses their time together.
Meanwhile, Ted learns an important lesson. Remember, he and Victoria drove off into the sunset in the season finale. Well, Ted convinces Victoria to at least leave a farewell note to the groom. Things twist a little and there are some funny moments. However, Ted gets some sound advice from the groom, Klaus (who was also running off from the wedding actually!). And Klaus’s words help Ted realize that Victoria might not be the girl he has been waiting for.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Premiere

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 is set to premiere on September 27th. And with the cliff hanger that last season's finale was, I can hardly wait!

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