Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Touch Season 1 Finale Preview

The finale of 'Touch Season 1' is going to air on 31st May, i.e. tomorrow. And it promises to be a good one. It's going to be two hours long, with a few of the questions answered while some may be kept in store till next season, I feel. Really excited to see where Martin and Jake end up, both with the custody situation and Jake being one of the '36 righteous ones'. Don't have to wait long now. And while waiting, there's a lot to keep up with the anticipation.

There is a Facebook event for the 'Touch Season Finale'. Check it out here: Touch Season Finale

New stills have been released as well from the Season Finale. Check them out here: Photos from "Gyre Part 1 and Part 2"

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Avengers-Trailer

The Avengers

‘The Avengers’ is the latest superhero flick. Rather, there are quite a few of our favorite superheroes all bundled into one movie. I have a confession to make here. I haven’t seen any of their individual movies. ‘The Hulk’, ‘Thor’, ‘The Ironman’, ‘Captain America’. I haven’t an inkling what any of these were about. Yeah, I know. I must have been living under a rock all these years. But things changed with ‘The Avengers’ as I happened to catch it on the big screen. And it was brilliant.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8 Finale)

‘Life changes in an instant. Turns on a dime.’ Callie summed it up really. And the six doctors enroute to Boise experienced it personally. 
We knew there was going to be one death in the finale. A death that will change everything. And the one who was killed off turned out to be a bit of a surprise.
It didn’t take long though. Just a few minutes into the episode and we could see Christina, Meredith and Mark nowhere close to dying. Arizona was injured, yes, but looked like she would survive. Derek was lost. He had been sucked out of the plane and was nowhere to be seen.
Mark and Christina trying to help Lexie
However, it was Lexie who was hit the hardest. Lying in a heap under tons of plane debris, one look and you could tell it was the end for her.

Lexie in her last moments
What followed were a few minutes of pure agony, as Lexie spent her dying moments with Mark. Those two had looked like they were supposed to end up together but death intervened.

Derek's hand stuck in plane part
Meredith weeps at Lexie's death
Meredith and Christina finally found Derek. He had had his left hand stuck in a plane part and used a rock to squeeze it out. Wonder what kind of damage has been done there and if he can even do surgical procedures come Season 9.

Mark has a cardiac emergency which the other three doctors take care of.
Meredtih, Christina and Derek treat Mark
Meredith and Christina help injured Derek

Back at the hospital, Webber is giving a dinner to the residents. April and Jackson vow to be happy while they still have time and are together.
There is another doctor leaving Seattle Grace-Mercy West, Teddy Altman. She has been offered a better position elsewhere and although she wanted to stay to help Owen, he encourages her to go.
Bailey has agreed to marry Ben, but how that long-distance relationship will work out remains to be seen.

The doctors, cold and injured
To cut it short, the finale didn’t live up to the hype it had generated. It left all ends hanging loosely. The doctors are still stuck in the forest, cold and injured. Who among them will survive? Will there be another death in the season 9 premiere? Arizona is looking like a candidate as she was seen spitting out blood. Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 could not have ended on a grimmer note!    

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alamgir & Kristie Yung - Keh Dena

The legendary and evergreen superstar-Alamgir! Kristie Yung pays a tribute to him, singing a duet of one of his most popular numbers.

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Finale Promo

Life changes in an instant...

How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-Barney's Magical Proposal.wmv

How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-Happy Moments.wmv

How I Met Your Mother (Season 7 Finale)

We were promised that Barney’s bride will be revealed in the season 7 finale. And she was. But we’ll wait for it a while as the rest of the story unfolds.

How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-Lily in labor
The finale picks up with Lily in labor and Marshall stuck in Atlantic City with Barney. While a very drunk and disorientated Marshall tries to leave Atlantic City with Barney, Lily has Ted and Robin for company. Robin has experience working with horses in labor and she is all equipped for the job, with sugar cubes and a cleaning brush at hand. Ted has composed an e-mail announcing Lily’s in labor and send it to hordes of people.

As the pain intensifies, Lily gets Ted and Robin to tell stories including the five. This allows us to relive quite a few moments.

Marshall and Barney finally get out of Atlantic City on a bus. And it takes a bus-full of senior citizens to convince the driver to turn the bus towards Manhattan instead of Buffalo. Marshall arrives just in time for the birth of baby Marvin.
How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-Marshall becomes a dad
How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-The gang and baby Marvin
Now, Marvin is named after Marshall’s dad. However, it is the middle name that is interesting as Uncle Barney got to name that. And the full name of Baby Lily/Marshall is…’Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksson’! Is that cool or what?!

With the birth out of the way, attention turns to Ted and Barney. Barney is wondering whether the Quinn thing is over but he arrives home to find her still there. Relieved, he doesn’t even mind the redecoration that Quinn has done with him out of town.

Robin gives Ted an earful about how he dates the wrong women when what he really wants is a family and marriage. She advises him to contact Victoria again as she was the only one right for Ted in all the women he dated in the recent past. Ted takes her advice and is surprised when Victoria agrees to meet him.
Meanwhile, Barney and Quinn are at the airport looking to board a flight to Hawaii. A magic trick box is discovered in Barney’s luggage and there is quite a commotion because of it. A few funny magic-moments later, the trick box produces a ring and Barney proposes to Quinn. She says yes and they go off to tell the news to the rest of the gang.
How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-Barney proposes to Quinn
Victoria arrives in a wedding dress and tells Ted that she is set to get married in a few hours. However, she has a car waiting outside if Ted shares her feelings and wants to drive off into the sunset together. They leave but Ted realizes midway how it felt to be left at the altar. So he decides to take Victoria to the church. At the last moment though, Ted drives past the church and he really does drive off into the sunset with Victoria. So, is she the mother we’ve all been waiting for, for seven seasons?
How I Met Your Mother S07 Finale-Ted and Victoria together
The end of the finale shows us a glimpse into the future, of Barney’s wedding. Ted and Marshall reminisce about the twists that culminated to make this wedding possible. The bride asks to see Ted and as he opens the door, her identity is finally revealed. And the bride is…Robin. No surprises there, we were all sort of expecting it. These two were always meant to be together.    

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Titliyaan by Strings

Strings! My all-time favorite Pakistani band. Nothing like the mesmerizing voice of Faisal Kapadia and the brilliant compositions of Bilal Maqsood. Not to forget the timeless lyrics penned by Anwar Maqsood.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Chang Propoganda Posters

A few Chang Propaganda Posters as he takes over Greendale! (Source:

View Posters

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Finale- Promo

Here it is...a sneak peak at what awaits in the finale next Thursday. And it paints a pretty grim picture.

Community Renewed for a Fourth Season

Community has been renewed for a fourth season. NBC has decided to renew the show for a season comprising thirteen episodes. So, for now it looks like the Greendale Seven are not going anywhere!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy-Originals Renew Contracts

And the contracts have been signed. All the original cast members have signed two-year deals. The originals being Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr. and Justin Chambers. So, a lot of old Grey’s fans can breathe a little easier now.
Although there is still the finale death to worry about. Meredith, Christina and Alex are rumoured to be safe. So is Bailey. However, Derek has not been put on the safe list. And the strongest contenders are looking to be Richard, Lexie, April or Teddy. Just a few more days till we find out who it is. And in the words of Jesse Williams, it will be “heart-wrenching” and not easy to forget for anyone.

Buttercream Icing

Make your cake look and taste so much better with this yummy buttercream icing. And did I mention how easy it is!
Butter (softened)- ½  cup
Vanilla extract- 1 ½ tspn 
Confectioners' sugar- 1 ½ to 2 cups
Milk- 2 tbspn
Food coloring- as needed (optional)
1.       Cream butter using an electric mixer or wooden spoon until fluffy and smooth.
2.       Beat in confectioner’s sugar gradually.
3.       Beat in vanilla extract.
4.       Add milk and beat for three to four minutes.
5.       If needed, add the food coloring and beat until smooth and the desired color is obtained.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peak

A sneak peak at the penultimate episode of Grey's Anatomy airing tomorrow: (source

Grey's Anatomy : Who Will Be Leaving Seattle Grace?

Man on a Ledge

There is a man on a ledge. The man in question being Nick Cassidy, a former cop. He is serving 25 years.

We’re taken one month earlier in time to Sing Song Correctional Facility, where Mike Ackermann is visiting Nick. Both were partners before Nick got arrested. Mike tells him that his father is dying. Nick is allowed to attend his father’s funeral later. And it is there that he makes his escape, after picking up a fight with his brother, Joey Cassidy.

Present day, we see Nick Cassidy checking into a room at Roosevelt Hotel and having a meal. He then proceeds to wipe his fingerprints off of everything and climbs onto the ledge at the 21st floor. He goes by the name of Walker now. Enter Detectives Dante Marcus and Jack Dougherty who have been assigned the case. Nick asks for a Detective Lydia Mercer and she is called up to handle the negotiation. In the hotel room, Nick leaves behind a statement, ‘I will exit this world as I entered-Innocent’.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grey's Anatomy-S08E22 "Will You Still Love Me If I Fail?".wmv

Grey's Anatomy-S08E22 (Finding out the Results).wmv

Touch (Season 1-Episode 8)

The kids at Jake’s boarding facility are all going to visit a museum with their parents. Jake’s evaluation is coming up and this is a crucial time for Martin if he wants to retain custody of his son.
All throughout the day, Jake keeps playing with a red string, making triangular shapes with it. Martin gets the first sign of the day when a cell phone rings in his pocket that Jake had slipped inside. The phone belongs to a woman named Simran and Martin asks her to come to the museum exhibit where he is.
At the exhibit, there is a screen showing a live feed from Paris. Jake takes particular interest in a girl on the screen, Veronique. As Simran approaches Martin to take back her phone, Veronique is visibly agitated. She talks to Clea on phone and tells her that Simran looks like her mother who supposedly died during child-birth.
Martin tries to track down Simran and arrives at a hotel when he remembers the extension from which she had called him. At the hotel, Martin is amazed to see a girl identical to Veronique. He realizes then that Simran must have had twin girls and tries to convince Nandu that she has a twin sister in Paris. With all his efforts, Martin manages to unite two sisters.
There is a taxi driver in the midst as well, who has a doctor as his last passenger of the day. The doctor is behaving suspiciously and the cab driver is trying to figure out where he has last seen the doctor. He remembers at last but it’s a little too late as the doctor gets off the cab. The driver is the father of the twin sisters, Veronique and Nandu. He and his wife had been tricked by the doctor into giving up one baby for adoption. And the doctor is still carrying on with the same evil plans. Martin manages to apprehend him after meeting up with the girls’ father and a lot of parents are saved from suffering the same fate as this Indian family.
We also had clips from the International Space Station, where an astronaut loses communication with the ISS when he goes out to check for maintenance. It is finally a man in a taxi garage who manages to communicate with him and save his life. And the radio that this man uses has a part that he dropped in the bus earlier in the day, but Martin had spotted it and given it back.
At the boarding facility, Clea is finding out that Abigail’s company keeps turning up everywhere and she is getting suspicious. She also tries to discuss this with Sherry but is taken off Jake’s case. Now, this may harm Martin’s chances of being with his son. We’ll have to wait and see.  

Community (Season 3-Episode 18)

It was revealed at the end of Episode 17 that Starburns had died in a meth lab explosion. So, we had the students dealing with that death in Episode 18.
Britta was fully in her psych major role, trying to get everyone to take her seriously. She kept running exercises to help the rest of the study group grieve.
Jeff was quite adamant to act normally and not prolong the whole mourning act.
Annie felt they should grieve Starburns as a fellow human being had died.
And Abed had been selected by Starburns himself to prepare a tribute video. That, we saw at the end.
Chang and his ‘child soldiers’ were given new powers that bordered on the extreme. And those powers were put to use when they had to deal with a student revolt.
Now, the revolt happened as Starburns’ eulogies were supposed to be read. Instead, the ‘Greendale Seven’ enticed the student body to turn against the administration. And it was quite a scene.
Ultimately, the dean decided to blame Chang for the whole fiasco. He was cornered in his office and Chang incapacitated him so he couldn’t attend the board hearing. The board ended up expelling the ‘Greendale Seven’-Jeff, Britta, Annie, Troy, Abed, Pierce and Shirley. The episode ended with the group sitting together and having pizza, content in the knowledge that they are together whatever the circumstances may be.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Grey's Anatomy (Season 8-Episode 23 Promo)

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8-Episode 22)

Episode 22 featured the boards in detail. And we saw all the doctors struggling one way or the other. Meredith is really sick, Jackson is distracted by his mother, April is a nervous wreck, Alex is running late and even Christina isn’t having it all easy.
Back at home, Arizona has her brother’s best friend arrive at the hospital, diagnosed with cancer six months ago. Turns out, it’s been six years and Callie and Bailey find out in the surgery that the mets are everywhere and there is nothing they can do. Arizona is distraught.
Also back at the hospital are visiting doctors. As chief, Owen asks Bailey to woo them so that the hospital might get some new faces before it loses any of the old ones. As it turns out, the visiting doctors are all picky and demanding, and just plain irritating. Doesn’t look like any of them might be staying.
Derek is stuck being asked for advice by both Mark and Lexie. Mark has just been told by Julia that she wants to have a baby with him. And Lexie is still struggling with her feelings for Mark. Derek turns out to be one good big brother for Lexie, as she reveals to Mark how she really feels about him.
Back to San Francisco now, where there were three sessions in total, with the doctors needing to clear two in order to pass. Alex didn’t arrive in time for the first session so he has to clear the other two or fail. Meredith calls Derek in desperation, asking him if he’ll still love her if she fails. Derek calms her down and helps her get herself together and rock the rest of the exam.
The episode ends with the doctors back at the hospital, waiting for their results. Jackson finds out first that he has passed, then does Christina. Meredith also gets through. Alex makes it as well. Its April who has failed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Plain ‘Ol Chocolate Cake

This one is a simple chocolate cake that will turn out just right. Soft and crumbly, with a nice chocolaty taste. The recipe here will make a small cake, so you can always double it to make a larger one. You can also use your favorite frosting, but my guess is that you’ll gobble it up just as it is!

How I Met Your Mother (Season 7-Episode 22)

Episode 22 started with Lily and Marshall throwing a baby shower. It included all their friends, but two very important people were missing. Ted and Robin. You see, Ted decided to be three hours late so he could avoid facing Robin. And Robin showed up before the shower even started to ensure she wouldn’t meet Ted. And Lily and Marshall ended up getting identical baby strollers from both, one blue and the other one red.
Barney convinces Ted to try online dating, to cleanse his palette. Barney’s sure that would help Ted get over Robin. Unfortunately, every girl Ted meets only ends up reminding him more of Robin.