Saturday, June 2, 2012

Touch Season 1 Finale

This was a brilliant finale to a new show that has a unique concept and storyline. The only complaint any fan could have at the end of Season 1 is that it was too short. Just twelve episodes. The fans have been left hungry for more and the anticipation for the second season is pretty strong.
The finale once again showed how everyone is interconnected. And characters from previous episodes were masterfully woven into context in the finale. The ‘Invisible Prince’ made an appearance, helping Jake to avoid the “Officers of the Empire”. Don’t you just love that guy? :) And there was Arnie. He helps Martin out by selling him a gun. That, of course, led to the moment where we saw Kiefer Sutherland holding that gun, his hands shaking, truly looking like he had never seen a gun before. Fans of ‘24’ and ‘Jack Bauer’ could only have smiled there.
The finale saw Martin losing custody of his son, only to have Clea aid Jake in running away to his dad from the facility. And we had Avram assisting the father and son in getting away from New York.
Amelia’s mother was the significant new entry. She believes her daughter is alive and is still looking for her. We now know it to be true as Martin has sufficient evidence of Amelia being alive. Rather, had it. The proof has been taken away from him.
A Japanese family was in the limelight too. Losing much in the tsunami, they are given some much needed relief by a series of events.
Touch Season One has ended with Martin and Jake in Los Angeles. The last scene was probably the best of the lot. With the backdrop of the ocean, Martin and Jake meet up with Amelia’s mom. And as it hits Martin that this is the reason they had to be in LA at that precise moment, Jake slides his hand into his dad’s. And that was the scene that truly touched all.


Natalie Peters said...

It's my new favorite show c: and thanks for posting this! It's great!

RT said...

Thanks Natalie! It is a pretty good show...and I think Season 2 is going to be even better! :)