Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8 Finale)

‘Life changes in an instant. Turns on a dime.’ Callie summed it up really. And the six doctors enroute to Boise experienced it personally. 
We knew there was going to be one death in the finale. A death that will change everything. And the one who was killed off turned out to be a bit of a surprise.
It didn’t take long though. Just a few minutes into the episode and we could see Christina, Meredith and Mark nowhere close to dying. Arizona was injured, yes, but looked like she would survive. Derek was lost. He had been sucked out of the plane and was nowhere to be seen.
Mark and Christina trying to help Lexie
However, it was Lexie who was hit the hardest. Lying in a heap under tons of plane debris, one look and you could tell it was the end for her.

Lexie in her last moments
What followed were a few minutes of pure agony, as Lexie spent her dying moments with Mark. Those two had looked like they were supposed to end up together but death intervened.

Derek's hand stuck in plane part
Meredith weeps at Lexie's death
Meredith and Christina finally found Derek. He had had his left hand stuck in a plane part and used a rock to squeeze it out. Wonder what kind of damage has been done there and if he can even do surgical procedures come Season 9.

Mark has a cardiac emergency which the other three doctors take care of.
Meredtih, Christina and Derek treat Mark
Meredith and Christina help injured Derek

Back at the hospital, Webber is giving a dinner to the residents. April and Jackson vow to be happy while they still have time and are together.
There is another doctor leaving Seattle Grace-Mercy West, Teddy Altman. She has been offered a better position elsewhere and although she wanted to stay to help Owen, he encourages her to go.
Bailey has agreed to marry Ben, but how that long-distance relationship will work out remains to be seen.

The doctors, cold and injured
To cut it short, the finale didn’t live up to the hype it had generated. It left all ends hanging loosely. The doctors are still stuck in the forest, cold and injured. Who among them will survive? Will there be another death in the season 9 premiere? Arizona is looking like a candidate as she was seen spitting out blood. Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 could not have ended on a grimmer note!    


Jessica Allen-Summers said...

I agree that it didn't live up to the hype, maybe not helped by the fact that we knew someone was going to die before the ep even started, and we knew it could only be one of very few people given the new info regarding contracts etc. I also think that there's a chance it could be bye bye for Arizona too which would just be so sad, I loved lexie so much, I don't think I could take it if arizona left too!

RT said...

I think we were taken off guard by Lexie's death. I had always sort of expected Arizona would be the one to go. Anyway, everything else in the finale got overshadowed by the death. None of us wanted to believe Lexie would die, I guess. Not to mention that it has put Mark in a very doubtful position in the show. What will his storyline be now that Lexie is gone?