Monday, April 30, 2012

The Firm (Season 1-Episode 15)

the firm season 1 episode 15 image
Episode 15 starts with the meeting between Mitch and Stack. Mitch demands to see Abby first before handing over the hard drive. Stack refuses and tells him that Abby is inside a car parked across the street from them. Mitch tries to get a glimpse of his wife through camera lens and sees a hand against the window of the back seat. Immediately he turns around and walks away from Stack, telling Ray that Abby is not in the car.
Mitch is distraught as he starts believing that Stack has already killed Abby. Ray tries to convince him otherwise, and together they rush off to the US Attorney’s office.
We see Louis already sitting in front of Diane and Terrence. As he is being reprimanded for letting Mitch and Ray go, news comes that they are back, along with Dmitri. Mitch asks Diane to use all resources to locate Abby, and Dmitri is asked to assist the techs in decrypting the hard drive.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8-Episode 21)

April 26th was promised to be the day when Grey’s Anatomy will change its course and all our favorite doctors will each face the moment of truth. The five doctors head off to San Francisco for their oral boards, and tensions are running high.
April is a nervous wreck, and seems to be the one who is the most stressed. Christina is calm and confident as usual. Jackson is trying to block out Mark’s last words of advice as he prepares to leave. Alex is running late as he is too concerned about Tommy. And Meredith is facing a crisis with Zola suffering from a stomach flu. Derek and Callie assure her that her baby will be in good hands, and Meredith leaves with a lot on her mind.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Firm (Season 1-Episode 14)

If episode 13 was intense, this one was even more so. It started with Stack and Mitch on the phone, with the former dictating his terms to the latter. Stack is holding Abby, and therefore holds the leash on Mitch and Ray. Stack tells Mitch to deliver the hard drive, or risk losing Abby. Mitch decides, then and there, to free his wife and forget about the case and the conspiracy. He tells Ray as much. He sends Tammy to be with Claire, and waits with Ray for Dmitri to finish decrypting the hard drive in time.
Abby is tortured as she is interrogated about the whereabouts of the hard drive. Stack also kills Andreew in front of her.
Mitch and Ray arrive at the meeting spot assigned by Stack, with the hard drive. They are apprehended by Terrence and the other feds, owing to triangulation of Mitch’s cell signal. As a result, the feds get their hands on the hard drive.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8-Episode 20)

Episode 20 showed the residents giving interviews in different hospitals all over the country. While Meredith and Christina seem to be having a pretty good time getting calls for interviews, Alex isn’t having the same luck. April is also suffering, with interviewees not being too impressed with her personality. And Avery can’t seem to get out of the shadow of his grandfather’s legacy.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Community (Season 3-Episode 16)

The episode starts with the group cramming for the final biology exam. Enter Dean Pelton, who is dressed half as himself and half as a woman. He announces that the exam has been put off until the next day, so the group decides to take a three-hour lunch break. Annie thinks she can see sparks flying between Britta and Troy, so she plays matchmaker and sends them both on a lunch-date. In place of Troy, she agrees to spend the time with Abed in his dreamatorium.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How I Met Your Mother (Season 7-Episode 21)

Barney is somehow obsessed by the idea that he is dating a stripper. And he keeps announcing it to the rest of the world.
Lily is having crazy pregnant dreams and Marshall is getting a little agitated due to them. He ends up picking a fight with his wife just when they are about to have a fancy dinner. Ranjeet talks some fatherhood-sense to Marshall and explains why he does not get to be the crazy one from now on.
Ted is absolutely loving living alone for the first time in his life.

The Firm (Season 1-Episode 13)

This episode promised a lot and it certainly delivered. Mitch, Tammy and Ray meet up with Andrew and make him tell them everything about what had been going on. He says he didn’t know things would go so far as murder and now he is willing to help the McDeeres take down Kinross & Clark.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Zindagi ke Pal (London Paris New York-Title Track)

This song’s been playing in my head these days, when it isn’t playing out loud! :) It’s got a beat that screams out positivity and fun. Give it a listen, it’ll stay with you for a while.
It is the title song for the movie “London Paris New York”, starring Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydri. It’s been sung by Ali Zafar himself and Sunidhi Chohan.

Pi Jaun

I must say, Farhan Saeed has risen to the challenge after leaving Jal the band. His cover of “Halka halka suroor” brought him praise and now he has released a single with Saad Sultan. “Pi jaun” is one good song, also featuring Momina Mustehsan on vocals.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Touch (Season 1-Episode 5)

touch season 1 episode 5 entanglement
This is a very important day for both Martin and Jake. Jake is about to be evaluated, and then the decision will be made on who gets custody of him. Clea instructs Martin to be at the evaluation at five in the evening to have any chance of keeping custody of his son.
Just before leaving in the morning, Jake leaves yet another sign for his father. And this time it is not a number. It is a symbol, a pattern.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Community (Season 3-Episode 15)

After the flying blankets and pillows in the epic fight, Troy and Abed are back to being best friends. And they left nothing to imagination in the very first scene, in what could be best called a 'best friend handshake'.
There is a carnival coming to Greendale and Britta reveals that she has a former boyfriend who works with one carnival. The group has a few laughs at Britta’s expense when they find out the name of this guy- Blade!
Now Britta is still attracted to Blade and she turns to Annie for help. Annie has to make sure that Britta doesn’t come into any contact with her ex. Britta’s phone is confiscated and hidden. In a refrigerator, no less.
Jeff is curious as to what could be so special about Blade that Britta cannot let him go. He takes Shirley with him to the carnival to check out for himself. And after a lot of duck-shooting and inquiring, Jeff finally finds out what he needed.
Meanwhile, Pierce is looking to find a best friend and he crosses paths with Chang. Both spend some good time together, but the friendship ends prematurely.
After meeting with Blade, Jeff goes to find Britta and sets her straight about the whole affair. It all ends well enough for everyone. Except Pierce, maybe.
Oh, and the ‘air conditioning repair school’ guy was back. This time, he had the Dean try and talk Troy into joining the repair school. Of course the suggestion was dismissed.

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8-Episode 19)

The main focus is on Owen and Christina. They both are staying at home, trying to deal with Owen’s startling revelation in episode 18. Christina is adamant that Owen tell her every little detail about his cheating episode. Owen is just as keen to avoid it as he knows it’s only hurting Christina. It is a painful day for them. And sadly ends with Owen walking out of the house with his things.
At the hospital, Mark Sloane is the acting Chief of Surgery. And he is taking on the role very seriously. Very! Seeking perfection in every detail, Mark is not proving to be a very popular chief among his peers.
Speaking of chiefs, the former chief, Richard, ignores one of Mark’s orders and goes ahead with his intuition to save a patient’s life.
Callie and Arizona arrange a ladies’ night out for Teddy. Bailey bails out after making plans with Ben. Yet, at the end all the four ladies end up spending the night together, with movies, food and drinks.
Needless to say, Meredith is quite upset about the whole Christina situation. Derek encourages her to talk to her but Meredith doesn’t think it’s a good idea. However, listening to her patient for the day convinces her otherwise and she calls her friend. Turns out to be the right move.
Studying for the boards is still highest on the residents’ priority list. They are doing some pretty desperate things. And one of these involves poor Lexie and her photographic memory. While Meredith has been declared ready for the boards by Callie. She decides to help out her fellow residents, and even Christina turns up for studying with the bunch.

Young Adult

I wonder why I sat through the whole of it! Simply put, not a movie I enjoyed. The story was so predictable from the very beginning. The script was dull and lacked spontaneity or any hint of imagination.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How I Met Your Mother (Season 7-Episode 20)

How I Met Your Mother S07
Well, the creators of the show had assured the fans that Ted will meet the mother of his children finally in the eighth season. The 20th episode has ruled out all possibilities of a backtrack on the creators’ parts as we see Ted holding his baby girl in 2015. So, the wait really is going to be over next season.
The episode centered on the guys, Ted, Marshall and Barney, who have got together to watch the Star Wars Trilogy every three years since 2000. Well, it had only been Ted and Marshall at the start as they were still in college and hadn’t met Barney yet. Anyway, from 2000 onwards, they got together every three years to watch the trilogy and imagine how their lives would be changed till the next trilogy viewing. Needless to say, they were always disappointed by what really transpired during that time.
It was funny to see what went on inside the heads of the three, all the dreams they had for themselves but which never materialized. But the present Star Wars Trilogy gathering in 2012 turned to be quite a change from the usual. Barney, for once, no longer imagines himself as going out with a new girl every time. Rather, he imagines himself with Quinn for a long time into the future. And Ted has lost all hopes of finding his true soul mate and imagines himself alone and depressed after three years. We, of course, know otherwise.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Touch (Season 1-Episode 4)

Sunday is a family day at the boarding facility and Jake gets to go out with his dad. Martin brought a red kite for Jake. He had plans to go to his wife’s grave but was having second thoughts. The case worker, Clea, convinces him that Jake deserves to know that his dad is missing his mom. So, they head off to the cemetery.
Martin finds a stranger at his wife’s grave. Just as he is about to question the man, Jake runs off after his kite and Martin has no choice but to follow him.
Jake leads Martin a good way and ends up at a door. Turns out, it’s the man’s apartment who was in the cemetery. Martin finds out that he was a friend of Sarah in her last summer. She tutored him in math and helped him pass his GED and get a promotion. Now, Bobby had been feeling guilty all these years because he felt that he had to repay Sarah’s debt. He ends up saving Jake’s life, thus relieving himself of his guilt.
The lottery winner, Randall, is another guilty one. He has to live with the knowledge that he may have left behind Sarah Bohm alive, only because he couldn’t carry her any further. He ends up landing at a church, seeking answers. As fate would have it, the Father leaves the church to him and heads off to live his own life.
In Iraq, we see Abdul once again. He is trying to give an audition in front of the American soldiers there. The friendly one of the troops has her own problems as she and another are ambushed and run for their lives. They get saved in the end, and she turns out to be the girl that the Father leaves his church for.
Earlier, Bobby had told Martin that Sarah had not been wearing her wedding ring. Martin is crushed to say the least. He had already been told officially that he would not be receiving any remains of his dead wife. When he comes back home in the evening, he finds Sarah’s datebook and sees that she had an appointment on September, 5th with a jewelry store. He goes there to find out that she had given her wedding ring for engraving. The store had kept it all these years. Martin looks to see that the ring is engraved with “1+1=3”. Sarah had told Martin this when their son had been born, because they had become a family. Martin takes the ring home, finally holding onto a piece of his wife.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Community (Season 3-Episode 14)

We had a civil war ensuing on the campus of Greendale Community College. The episode was documentary-style, and hilarious to say the least. The narration, sound effects, stills capturing the scene of the battle, everything amounted to an excellent episode.
We had Troy and Abed leading their respective armies. There was Annie, playing the nurse on the battlefield. The role of war photographer fell to Britta, with dire consequences. Jeff was giving motivational addresses in both camps. Anything to get out of classes, right? Then there was Pierce who turned himself into a human pillow. Quite literally! And Shirley wasn’t to be left behind. Her shot, swinging pillows in both hands, was epic.
It all ended well enough. Troy and Abed making up, Jeff being the moderator of all people. Yet it was the style in which the episode was presented that stood out. Loved every second of it!  

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8-Episode 18)

There is a lion on the loose in Seattle. Turns out, it is a pet! Yes, one lady was crazy enough to have a lion in her two-room apartment. Both she and her date end up in the hospital after an attack by the big cat. Richard Webber ends up adding a lion’s tooth to his collection of strange materials extracted from patients’ bodies.
Derek and Meredith’s ‘dream house’ is inching closer to completion. Derek, like from the start, is sweating over every tile, door and window. While Meredith is only interested in having a big ‘reveal’ when the house is done.
Mark and Julia are going to move in together. This leads to Lexie confiding in her ‘big brother’, Derek, that she still might have feelings for Mark. Derek, in turn, tells her to only go back to Mark if she wants him, and not just because he is with somebody else.
Callie is agitated when she learns that Arizona has quite a few past dates right there in the hospital.
Alex finally decides to do something about Morgan and volunteers himself off the service of Arizona.
Teddy comes to terms with the fact that she needs to grieve, and the first step is acceptance of the fact that she is now a widow.
And Christina is literally growing a new heart. Both, in the lab for stem cell research, and personally, as she tries to deal with a husband who’s cheated on her.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Firm (Season 1-Episode 12)

The major part of the episode dealt with the Sarah Holt case and associated conspiracy. Although there was a separate case, as there is every time. This one was short-lived, with Mitch being replaced as the lawyer after declaration of a mistrial.
Coming back to the main case, Abby met up with Moxon’s widow again. Quite accidently, they both discovered that Moxon owned a safe deposit box which his wife had no clue about. Both women realize that this could be the big lead needed and set out to find the contents of the safe deposit box. It includes three keys to three other boxes. The boxes turn out to be filled with files and half a million dollars. These files are of clients of Nobel Insurance and are all marked ‘Deceased’. All of them are patients who died suddenly, much sooner than anticipated by their respective doctors.
Ray finds out that the tattoo is used by the US Army Medical Corps. The tattoo that had been seen on the guy chasing Mitch.
After looking at all the evidence from Moxon’s safe deposit box, Mitch decides to hand over all the evidence to the US attorney’s office. But first, he meets up with Sarah Holt to inform her of the situation as Mitch still has the job of defending her. Sarah tells Mitch to break a deal for her in exchange for some serious information. She reveals that she is only a pawn in a much bigger game.
Accidentally, Mitch discovers the bug Stack had placed on his briefcase. He suddenly realizes that Sarah might be in danger if Stack had listened in on their conversation. He arrives too late in the prison, as Sarah’s lifeless body is discovered.
Tammy notices that the files from the safe deposit box are not all marked ‘Deceased’. There are some with future dates written on them. The family also realizes that not all murders could have been done by Sarah. This reveals that there are other murderers on the loose.
Stack and Alex come to the conclusion that after Sarah, Mitch also must be taken care of. Andrew overhears them and quickly calls Mitch to alert him. Mitch manages to get the family away safely, with Abby and Claire finding safety with their witness protection officer. While Mitch, Ray and Tammy head off to meet Andrew. Now, Andrew might be able to help the McDeeres against Alex and Stack.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Capsicum-Cheese Omelet

Eggs- 2
Capsicum- 1 (small size)
Cheese- I use ‘Happy Cow’ but you can use any kind that you like.
Oil- for frying
Salt- according to taste
Milk: about 1 tspn.
1.       Cut capsicum into small cubes.
2.       Cut cheese into small pieces or shred it.
3.       In a bowl, beat the two eggs. Add salt and milk. Beat well.
4.       Add the capsicum pieces to the egg mixture.
5.       Put the oil in a pan and heat it suitably for frying.
6.       Pour the egg mixture into the pan and cook on medium heat.
7.        Once the egg is no longer in liquid form, meaning it has taken up the general form of an omelet, spread cheese evenly on the top.
8.       Then, fold the omelet in half. Cook on both sides. Serve it hot.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Touch (Season 1-Episode 3)

3287. This is the number at the center of this latest episode. There is an ‘invisible prince’, a ‘king’, a ‘dragon’, one ‘magic sword’ and an ‘invisible knight’ by the end. No, it wasn’t a fantastical tale. Just names relating the reality with a story.
Martin Bohm meets a homeless man, who happens to have a notebook full of numbers. Just like Jake does. Martin is then taken along by this man, connecting people, making things right.
We also witness some changing scenarios in a part of South Africa. Grace and some other young men and women are giving computer tests, the success of which will enable them to move to the city for a better life. Grace frees her friend from her abusive partner. Also, some young boys put SA on the map when one little guy beats out the defending champion in an online dance competition.
Jake’s case worker finally admits that she will be more understanding of the situation. Much to Martin’s relief.
Well, the numbers that Jake point out to his father all point to some disorder in the universe. And Martin has to set things right. Until then, Jake keeps feeling the pain due to the disorder. So, Martin really has no choice but to keep chasing after these numbers. Doing so will harm his chances of retaining Jake’s custody. How things turn out on that front, we’ll only find out in later episodes.