Saturday, April 28, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8-Episode 21)

April 26th was promised to be the day when Grey’s Anatomy will change its course and all our favorite doctors will each face the moment of truth. The five doctors head off to San Francisco for their oral boards, and tensions are running high.
April is a nervous wreck, and seems to be the one who is the most stressed. Christina is calm and confident as usual. Jackson is trying to block out Mark’s last words of advice as he prepares to leave. Alex is running late as he is too concerned about Tommy. And Meredith is facing a crisis with Zola suffering from a stomach flu. Derek and Callie assure her that her baby will be in good hands, and Meredith leaves with a lot on her mind.
After checking into the hotel, Meredith realizes that she has caught Zola’s stomach flu and is really sick in a matter of hours. Throwing up a lot, Meredith looks to be in no shape to take the exam.
April ends up getting into a fight with another doctor, literally throwing punches. This seems to give her the confidence boost she so needed. And in this moment of sheer adrenaline, she ends up losing her virginity and sleeps with Jackson. This proves to be a wrong move as we see her in a state of panic the next morning. In her own words, Jesus hates her now. Pressure can do strange things, you know.
Speaking of Jackson, Catherine and Richard get cozy when they meet up in the hotel.
Alex flies back to Seattle when he learns that Tommy is in another surgery. When he arrives, he is told by Arizona that there is nothing to do and little Tommy won’t survive. Alex ends up spending the whole night at Seattle, and with three hours left till the exam, Arizona convinces him to fly out to San Francisco. He does not arrive in time.
Christina inserts an IV line into Meredith to help her recover from the weakness. She is still really sick. They end up sitting on opposite sides of the door, and talking to each other. That was one part of the episode that I really liked. After all, this friendship goes so far back. They discuss their futures, whether they’ll be heading out to new places or staying at Seattle. It was a nostalgic moment. They also talk about Owen and Christina, the marriage and where its headed. In the end, Christina manages to drag Meredith out of the room to take the exam.
Back in Seattle, Bailey tells a piece of her mind to Teddy and manages to convince her to stop blaming Owen for Henry’s death. And Mark and Lexie spend quite some time together. Maybe they do have a future together after all. Derek is home taking care of Zola.
I can’t wait to see how the boards turned out for all the doctors. Will Alex be able to give his exam? And how will Meredith fare, being as sick as she is? And poor Kepner? Jackson and Christina seem to be the ones with no problems, but you never know.

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