Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Firm (Season 1-Episode 14)

If episode 13 was intense, this one was even more so. It started with Stack and Mitch on the phone, with the former dictating his terms to the latter. Stack is holding Abby, and therefore holds the leash on Mitch and Ray. Stack tells Mitch to deliver the hard drive, or risk losing Abby. Mitch decides, then and there, to free his wife and forget about the case and the conspiracy. He tells Ray as much. He sends Tammy to be with Claire, and waits with Ray for Dmitri to finish decrypting the hard drive in time.
Abby is tortured as she is interrogated about the whereabouts of the hard drive. Stack also kills Andreew in front of her.
Mitch and Ray arrive at the meeting spot assigned by Stack, with the hard drive. They are apprehended by Terrence and the other feds, owing to triangulation of Mitch’s cell signal. As a result, the feds get their hands on the hard drive.
With the unexpected developments, Stack and Alex are besides themselves with worry because they know it will only take the feds a few hours to decrypt the hard drive. Stack gives the order for Abby to be killed.
While in the holding cell, Ray reveals to Mitch that he had switched the hard drive. The original is with Dmitri.
Alex convinces Stack to keep Abby alive, as she lays down a plan to free Mitch and Ray. She represents them as an attorney and files a motion on their behalf. She fails to get the decision in her favor, but the brothers escape anyway with the help of Louis. Once out, they meet up with Dmitri and get the original hard drive. Then, they call Stack and Mitch tells him to bring Abby and do the transfer in a public place, a park.
In another twist, Abby manages to overcome the guy holding her and runs away. Will she get safely back to her family, or will Stack’s men catch up with her? Let’s see if she can somehow contact Mitch and Ray before they hand over the hard drive.

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