Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How I Met Your Mother (Season 7-Episode 20)

How I Met Your Mother S07
Well, the creators of the show had assured the fans that Ted will meet the mother of his children finally in the eighth season. The 20th episode has ruled out all possibilities of a backtrack on the creators’ parts as we see Ted holding his baby girl in 2015. So, the wait really is going to be over next season.
The episode centered on the guys, Ted, Marshall and Barney, who have got together to watch the Star Wars Trilogy every three years since 2000. Well, it had only been Ted and Marshall at the start as they were still in college and hadn’t met Barney yet. Anyway, from 2000 onwards, they got together every three years to watch the trilogy and imagine how their lives would be changed till the next trilogy viewing. Needless to say, they were always disappointed by what really transpired during that time.
It was funny to see what went on inside the heads of the three, all the dreams they had for themselves but which never materialized. But the present Star Wars Trilogy gathering in 2012 turned to be quite a change from the usual. Barney, for once, no longer imagines himself as going out with a new girl every time. Rather, he imagines himself with Quinn for a long time into the future. And Ted has lost all hopes of finding his true soul mate and imagines himself alone and depressed after three years. We, of course, know otherwise.

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