Sunday, April 8, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8-Episode 18)

There is a lion on the loose in Seattle. Turns out, it is a pet! Yes, one lady was crazy enough to have a lion in her two-room apartment. Both she and her date end up in the hospital after an attack by the big cat. Richard Webber ends up adding a lion’s tooth to his collection of strange materials extracted from patients’ bodies.
Derek and Meredith’s ‘dream house’ is inching closer to completion. Derek, like from the start, is sweating over every tile, door and window. While Meredith is only interested in having a big ‘reveal’ when the house is done.
Mark and Julia are going to move in together. This leads to Lexie confiding in her ‘big brother’, Derek, that she still might have feelings for Mark. Derek, in turn, tells her to only go back to Mark if she wants him, and not just because he is with somebody else.
Callie is agitated when she learns that Arizona has quite a few past dates right there in the hospital.
Alex finally decides to do something about Morgan and volunteers himself off the service of Arizona.
Teddy comes to terms with the fact that she needs to grieve, and the first step is acceptance of the fact that she is now a widow.
And Christina is literally growing a new heart. Both, in the lab for stem cell research, and personally, as she tries to deal with a husband who’s cheated on her.

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