Saturday, May 5, 2012

Community (Season 3-Episode 18)

It was revealed at the end of Episode 17 that Starburns had died in a meth lab explosion. So, we had the students dealing with that death in Episode 18.
Britta was fully in her psych major role, trying to get everyone to take her seriously. She kept running exercises to help the rest of the study group grieve.
Jeff was quite adamant to act normally and not prolong the whole mourning act.
Annie felt they should grieve Starburns as a fellow human being had died.
And Abed had been selected by Starburns himself to prepare a tribute video. That, we saw at the end.
Chang and his ‘child soldiers’ were given new powers that bordered on the extreme. And those powers were put to use when they had to deal with a student revolt.
Now, the revolt happened as Starburns’ eulogies were supposed to be read. Instead, the ‘Greendale Seven’ enticed the student body to turn against the administration. And it was quite a scene.
Ultimately, the dean decided to blame Chang for the whole fiasco. He was cornered in his office and Chang incapacitated him so he couldn’t attend the board hearing. The board ended up expelling the ‘Greendale Seven’-Jeff, Britta, Annie, Troy, Abed, Pierce and Shirley. The episode ended with the group sitting together and having pizza, content in the knowledge that they are together whatever the circumstances may be.

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