Friday, March 16, 2012


The trailers running on TV had definitely grabbed my attention. It seemed like an interesting plot, with lots of twists and turns. Not to mention, any Vidya Balan starrer promises a lot these days.
I would say, the movie turned out as good as was promised. A thriller definitely. There was suspense right till the very end.
A very pregnant ‘Vidya’ was the lead character around whom the story revolved. But there were other memorable characters who made the film what it was in the end. ‘Rana’ was the ultimate good guy from the start. The cop who helped a distressed wife look for her lost husband in a strange city. Then, there was ‘Khan’, the second-in-command at the Intelligence Bureau. Not someone you would love, but potrayed brilliantly as someone who wouldn’t mind getting his hands dirty if it was in the country’s interest. And ‘Milan Damji’. The character invisible for most parts of the film but as important a character as any. And the setting for it all, the city of Kolkata, was an equally huge starrer of the film too.
A very good movie all-around.
P.S. For all of those Indian movies’ fans who love the singing and dancing, this one’s not for you! :P  

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