Friday, March 23, 2012

The Help

This is an adaptation of a book by the same name. The story focuses on the plight of black maids in early 1960s. So many aspects of life back then have been explored. And there are some pretty memorable performances.
At the forefront is Viola Davis playing Aibileen. You would instantly fall in love with the maid, feeling her every emotion as her life plays out. Then, there is Octavia Spencer playing Minny. She is a tough one, and doesn’t mince her words when she decides to speak out. And ofcourse the one nice white girl, Skeeter played by Emma Stone. She is what you would call a rebel, deciding to pursue a career instead of grabbing a husband for herself and having babies.
Skeeter decides to put together a book, compiling true stories from the lives of different black maids from Jackson, Mississippi. It is a hard enough task to get the maids to agree on the interview, but events play out which convince them to stand up and speak for themselves. It was a moving story. Little tales told that left the biggest of impacts. A story revealing the realities of one of the most horrible times in American history. A tale in which ultimately courage and human spirit triumphed.      

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