Friday, March 30, 2012

Community (Season 3-Episode 13)

Greendale Community College had a new student. And he was called Subway. This due to the fact that the sandwich shop has opened up at the college.
Pierce and Shirley are out to force it to close, as they have their own business plans from the last episode. They tell Britta to lure the new guy into a trap. She instead ends up falling in love with Subway.
Jeff finds out after two and a half years at the college that every student is assigned one locker each. He opens it up to find a pile of notes and things. There is one note from someone named Kim that is a hate-note. Encouraged by Annie, Jeff takes off on a search to apologize to the girl who thinks he is inconsiderate. That turns out interestingly enough for him.
Yet the highlight of the episode was the part with Troy and Abed. They set out to build a pillow-fort. Troy ends up building a blanket-fort alone after a meeting with a previous acquaintance. Both Troy and Abed have quite a showdown, as the race develops for a Guinness World Record. That race will continue in the next episode. Watch out for some fort-building. With pillows and blankets!

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